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Hilti is a world leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing added-value, top-quality products for professional customers in the construction industry and in building maintanance. At Hilti Sri Lanka, our people and products are with you every step of the way. From designe to demolition, we support you with expert technical advice, reliable products, prompt delivery and outstanding service from a team of highly trained professionals to make your team more productive every day.

  • Measuring Systems and Lasers: PD5, PD-I, PD-E, PM-4M, PS30
  • Drilling and Demolition: TE1, TE7, TE30, TE70, TE500, TE800, TE1000, TE1500
  • Cutting, Sawing and Grinding: DCH300, DCH180
  • Dimond Coring and Sawing: DD120, DD200
  • Srew Fastening: ST1800
  • Direct Fastening: DX180, GX120
  • Anchor Systems: HDA, HSL-3, HST, HSA, HLC, HKD, DBZ, HT, HRD, HPS, IZ, IDP, RE500, HY200
  • Firestop and Fire Protection Systems: CP606, CFS-SP WB, FS-ONE, CP611, CP648, CFS-DID
  • Construcion Chemicals: CF-F 750, CF-I 750, CP506, CB-G EG, CC 412-1, CI-060
  • Installation Systems: MM, MQ and MC Systems, Pipe Rings
  • Thread bars, bolts, nuts and washers

Hunter and Company PLC

Hilti is managed by Hunter and Company PLC in Sri Lanka for more than 30 years. Hilti Center and Hilti Service Center are located at 207, Nawala Road, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka.

Hilti Power Tools

Hilti rotary hammers, combihammers and breakers are designed to outperform and outlast. Hilti always offers best quality products to the customers. This ensures continues operation without any interruption at work.

Hilti Sri Lanka can help you to select the best power tool for your application. We give free of charge training programmes to your operators.

Free Demonstrations: Hilti Sales Engineers and Executives can do demonstrations and let you experience the performance of the machine before ordering.

No Costs for One Year: You will bear no repair cost whatsoever for 12 months from the date of purchase. This includes labour costs, faulty parts and parts subject to wear and tear, servicing when indicated by the service indicator on the tool, functional check-adjustment and safety check.

Warranty for Repaired Machines: All spare parts replaced during the repair will be given a 3 months warranty.

Lifetime Repair Cost Limit: After 12 month warranty period customer has to pay maximum 30% of the price of the machine as repair cost. Anything excess will be free of charge.

Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty: Hilti repairs or replaces, free of charge, all tools that suffer faults or defects as a result of faulty materials or manufacturing faults over the entire life of the product.

One Day Repair Service: Majority of the machines can be returned to the customer after repair within 24 hours. All machines can be repaired within 48 hours.

Loan Tool Facility: Customer will be given a loan machine to continue his work without any interruption if repair takes more than 1 day. Customer can request for such facility.

Hilti HIT RE 500

Hilti HIT RE500 Adhesive Anchoring System is an injectable two-component epoxy adhesive. The two components are kept separate by means of a dual-cylinder foil pack attached to a manifold. The two components combine and react when dispenced through a static mixing nozzle attached to the manifold.

Hilti HIT RE500 Adhesive Anchoring System may be used with continuously threaded rod, Hilti HIS-N and HIS-RN internally-threded inserts or deformed reinforced bar installed in cracked concrete for uncracked concrete.

RE500 is suitable for use in cracked and uncracked concrete with all anchoring elements. Long working time allows greater flexibility in installation. It has seismic approval for use in seismic applications. Suitable for anchoring in diamond-cored holes (ICC-ESR).

Another application with Hilti RE500 is for structural connections with post-installed rebar (e.g. extension/connection to walls, slabs, stairs, columns, foundations, etc.) Anchoring structural steel connections (e.g. steel columns, beams, etc.) Anchoring secondary steel structures (e.g. balustrades, steel ledgers, etc.)

Hilti HIT RE500 can also be used in substitution of misplaced / missing rebars or couplers.

Hilti Sri Lanka 5 stars - "Hilti. Outperform. Outlast." Hilti is managed by Hunter and Company PLC for more than 30 years in Sri Lanka.

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